Setting up an obstacle course is a wonderful child physical activity. Children get lots of exercise while having fun. An obstacle course can be set up with items you may already have. Usually an obstacle course is set up outdoors, but can be a wonderful indoor activity when the weather is bad.

To set up an obstacle course, think of terms such as jump, hop, crawl under, climb over, walk along, go right or go left. A child physical activity includes practicing gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Plan out the course by listing the skills you want the children to practice. Eight to ten stations is a good number for school age children.

Use a ladder flat on the ground to run through

Crawl under a table or broom hung between 2 chairs

Hop through hula hoops set on the ground

Step over an obstacle such as yardstick between 2 chairs at knee height

Walk across balance beam (4″x4″ board)

Weave in and out of poles made with PVC pipe inserted in sand buckets

Squeeze through 2 objects placed close so child walks sideways

Throw ball into wastebasket

Carry an object on a spoon (water balloon outdoors, small ball indoors)

Jump or skip 5 times with jump rope

Bounce or dribble ball to next station (at least 5 times)

You can adjust this child physical activity to fit the ages, abilities and number of children in your group. Make the obstacle course simple at first and gradually increase the difficulty of each station.

If you want, time the kids to see how fast they can complete the course. Record their individual times and see if they can practice to improve their own times. Make certificates of accomplishment and completion of this child physical activity; the obstacle course.

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